Can Mikey Garcia beat Errol Spence Jr. ?

Are you not sure about who will emerge a winner, when Garcia steps in the ring to challenge Spence junior? If so, then you are at the right place. Here I will give a brief preview on who stands a chance to win the battle

First, let me acquaint to you these two people before us. Errol Spence Jr. Is IBF welterweight champion. His counterparts come in the ring with 39 knockouts on his chest.

Why fight? Garcia Is aiming to show the world that he is the best welterweight fighter by beating Spence.

So who stands a chance to win? They both have equal odds to win. Each one holds a remarkable record, and no one can conclude outside the ring. Here are some of the reasons.

Why Garcia stand a chance to win

There are some reasons, that makes Garcia has some odds in this clash. first,Garcia has four titles in this weight division and now looking for the fifth title by beating Spence. This will also be the most significant achievement in his career.

Garcia is also having the pressure of must-win because he has been talking too much about this fight.

With four titles already and boxing since childhood, Spence has low chances to beat this person. Also, Garcia is the one going for this challenge. So Garia has admiration and believes that he can win. You can’t take what is too much for you.

However, we don’t know what might happen in the ring.

Why Spence also has some odds to win

Spence also has some record that he is bringing in this fight. First, with the last year IBF title that he won after beating Kell Brook in Ten rounds, beating Garcia looks no different in this weight division.

Spence is also looking for something to add to his portfolio. Remember has only defended his internal boxing Federation title on twice after beating Carlos Oscampe and Lamont Peterson. So beating Garcia is a reputation for him that will have a significant impact on his career

So can Can Mikey Garcia beat Errol Spence Jr.? If Garcia beats Spence, he will earn tons of credit though it is tough. Spence is on form now is looking unstoppable. So if Garcia beats Spence, he will turn into a star. Though this will have little effect, as Garcia is already famous. Let us wait and watch Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia live as fortune decides for us.

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