Month: April 2019

Top 5 boxing of Daniel Jacobs

Daniel Jacobs is preparing for his next big fight. This fight is against Canelo Alvarez on May 4th.  The Daniel Jacobs fight live online is on DAZN, streaming service. This is going to be a huge fight and very exciting too. Besides this fight, Daniel Jacobs has had many exciting fights in his career so far. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Daniel Jacobs Top 5 boxing

Some of Daniel Jacobs’s fight has been very intense and exciting. One of these fights was in 2010. It was right before he was diagnosed with cancer. This fight was against the undefeated Russian, Dmitry Pirog. This fight was for the WBO middleweight championship. The fight handed Jacobs his first career loss. Jacobs won the next two fights, then received the cancer diagnoses.

Jacobs vs. Quillin, Mora II occurred on December 5, 2015. Jacobs actually beat Quillin by a TKO in the first round. Jacobs hit Quillin on the temple and it shook him up badly. Jacobs then attempted to finish the fight landing non-stop hits. He landed a big punch and Quillin began to stagger, the referee saw Quillin looking out of it, and called the fight in favor of Jacobs.

Jacobs vs Golovkin was March 18, 2017. It was on HBO PPV. In front of 19,939 people, the fight went 12 rounds. This led to a unanimous decision and Jacobs lost this one, however, he did receive $1.75 million for this fight.

Jacobs vs Arias was November 11, 2017. This was on HBO and Jacobs dominated from the beginning and scored a flash knock out in round 11. He won by a 118-109 decision. There were 765,000 viewers.

Jacobs vs Sulecki was on April 28, 2018. This was at Barclays Center in New York City and on HBO. This fight had 874,000 viewers. Daniel Jacobs has a way of drawing spectators and fans all over.

Monaco Grand Prix: Sky Sports F1 stream

The Monaco Grand Prix is coming soon. The excitement is almost here. Several television stations are airing this race and Sky Sports F1 coverage will be exclusively live throughout the weekend of the race. They have in-depth coverage, fans can enjoy practices, qualifying sessions, races, and more. The best part about it, you can watch Formula One Monaco Grand Prix live online.

Monaco Grand Prix Sky Sports F1 stream

Watching the Monaco Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1 stream is very easy to do. We have all of the info you need to watch this event live and on Sky Sports F1. You can stream F1 motor racing from anywhere, even outside of the country you live in.

This year, all of the Formula One races will be live and on Sky Sports. That’s 21 races. For about $30 per month, you can subscribe to Sky Sports F1 entertainment. This live streaming service is the one place where you can watch every practice, races, and more from this season’s Formula One season. All of it is live as well. You get full expert analysis and exclusive shows too.

With Sky Sports F1, you’ll get more of the sports that matter to you. You get to watch the biggest and best live events, from live Premier League and Formula 1, to international cricket and golf majors. HD is included, so you can feel even closer to the action with every sports channel in High Definition.

With this service, you’ll never miss a moment of the action. Your mobile devices also work with this service, just download the app. Sky Sports offers free news and Sky Sports Mix as a standard and included with subscription.

With Sky Sports F1 entertainment, you’ll have every race live and other sporting events available too. This is definitely a cheaper way of watching shows, events, sports, and more.

Indy 500 Special Moments

Do you plan to celebrate your memorial weekend and watch the Indy 500 like many other people in the US? I know you have once taken part in a memorial weekend, which is marked by the motor racing. Can you remember any of the special moments? Do you have any idea about the bump day, pole day, carb day, and snake pit?

If you have no idea about these special moments of Indy 500, then this piece of work is for you. Though it is not a crime, and that is why we have dedicated our time to inform you.

Indy 500 Special Moments

Here we brief you everything about this special day.

Pole day

The Indy 500 is the main event of the day. However, a bundle of many other activities includes practices and qualifying races. So, the first day of qualifying races is called the pole came about after, it happened occasionally that the fastest qualifier missed on the pole, thus the name.

Bump day

The second day of qualifying is identified as the bump day. It is the day when any bumping should be done. It is also a day when the orders of the cars are set according to the results of the pole day.

In early 2000, it was usually the exact number of position against the available cars. However, in today’s reign, there are often an over of say two cars competing for the open space. This usually makes the event more stimulating.

For example, if 37 to 40 cars are competing for 30 available positions? It will be a knock out the race.

Carb day

It is the last day of the practice before the main Indy 500 race. Here, the team usually works on their setups as opposed in the qualifying days.

The setups include the adjustments, or balance of fuel/air in the, you where the name comes from

Snake Pit

The snake pit is another special moment of Indy is a day that is marked with coolers packed with alcohol, and decorated outfits.

In the old days, there were even fights and drinking competition. In current situation, there have been restrictions to such activities that resulted into fights.

Last note

While you are getting ready to watch the Indy 500 live, the above four special moments about this event is something that you should not miss. These days will make your memorial weekend memorable.

Obtaining Elusive Masters Tickets

The Masters is one of the most historic and influential tournaments in all of the sports. Many people all around the world dream of attending the event in person but few people are actually lucky enough to see Augusta in person. Masters tickets are some of the hardest tickets to get in the entire world and if you are lucky enough to get the tickets you can expect that people will offer you a lot of money for them. The Masters live tournament takes place from April 8th to the 14th in 2019.

Obtaining Elusive Masters Tickets

Masters badges are “among the most coveted tickets for any event, sporting or otherwise,” according to Brian Talbot of TickCo Premium Seating.

“From my experience, it’s safe to say these are probably the toughest tickets to get in the world,” Talbot said, “with Super Bowl tickets running a close second, depending on which teams make it and where the Super Bowl is hosted.”

So, how can you hope to get tickets if they are the hardest sports tickets to get in the world? We are here to show you how you can score tickets to the 2019 Masters. There are three different ways to get into the hallowed grounds at Augusta, Patron Badges, The Masters 2019 Tournament Tickets, and Practice Round Tickets.

Patron Badges

Patron Badges are the cheapest option but they are almost impossible to get. Back in 1972, Augusta National Golf Club started to make tickets available to the general public and they started a waiting list for fans to get a chance to receive a Patron Badge. But, in 1978 they had to close the waiting list because the Masters had become so popular and the waiting list was exponentially long.

The waiting list was not opened for another 22 years until 2000. Even then the waiting list was only open for a few months before the list was closed yet again. The waiting list has not been opened since then. The only way that someone can get a patron badge is if someone of the current list dies and does not have a living spouse. If the person dies and they have a spouse then the badge will be transferred their spouse.

If the patron badge owner does not have a spouse then the badge will be awarded to someone on the waiting list. Golf fans all over the world are anxiously awaiting for the badge list to open up so that they can have a chance to get on the elusive waiting list. Once you are on the list you only have to pay $315 for access to the entire week of practice and tournament rounds which is an absolutely incredible deal.

If you want to buy a patron badge for a day or the entire week you are going to have to pay a pretty penny. For just one tournament day you will have to pay $1,500 for just one ticket, that is an extremely high price to pay. If you want the patron badge for the whole week you are going to have to pay 5 figures. In 2018, there was a patron badge on sale for $15,000 for the entire week. That is one expensive week!

Tournament Day Tickets

The Masters has made a recent change in the past few years which have allowed more fans to buy tournament round tickets. In 2012, the Masters website began a lottery where they give away a limited pool of tickets to anyone who registers on their website. This is your best shot at winning Masters tickets if you do not want to pay an exorbitant cost.

You can go to this link here: and you can create an account. Once you create an account you will be able to sign up for the lottery and a chance to win Masters tournament tickets. Please note that you have to enter credit card information and be at least 21 years old in order to sign up for the lottery. There is a small chance that you can win tournament tickets and if you do happen to win you will be sent an email from Augusta National Golf Club letting you know that you won the lottery and be asked to approve payment so that tickets can be released to you. The tournament tickets cost $115 each which is a great deal. Similar tournaments can be much more expensive.

Practice Round Tickets

Practice round tickets are typically the easiest tickets to come by unless you want to go on Wednesday when the par 3 contest takes place. If you want to get practice round tickets then you have to follow the same process that you would if you were applying for tournament round tickets. The good news is that there are less people interested in practice rounds than tournament rounds so you have a better chance at winning the lottery and going to a practice round. The tickets only cost $75 for a practice round which is an incredible deal to go to Augusta National Golf Club. Fans also can get tickets on

If you do not happen to win the lottery then you can go through a ticket website such as eBay where you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the practice rounds on Monday and Tuesday of Masters Week. If you want to go see the par 3 contest on Wednesday then you will typically have to pay over $1,000.