Indy 500 Special Moments

Do you plan to celebrate your memorial weekend and watch the Indy 500 like many other people in the US? I know you have once taken part in a memorial weekend, which is marked by the motor racing. Can you remember any of the special moments? Do you have any idea about the bump day, pole day, carb day, and snake pit?

If you have no idea about these special moments of Indy 500, then this piece of work is for you. Though it is not a crime, and that is why we have dedicated our time to inform you.

Indy 500 Special Moments

Here we brief you everything about this special day.

Pole day

The Indy 500 is the main event of the day. However, a bundle of many other activities includes practices and qualifying races. So, the first day of qualifying races is called the pole came about after, it happened occasionally that the fastest qualifier missed on the pole, thus the name.

Bump day

The second day of qualifying is identified as the bump day. It is the day when any bumping should be done. It is also a day when the orders of the cars are set according to the results of the pole day.

In early 2000, it was usually the exact number of position against the available cars. However, in today’s reign, there are often an over of say two cars competing for the open space. This usually makes the event more stimulating.

For example, if 37 to 40 cars are competing for 30 available positions? It will be a knock out the race.

Carb day

It is the last day of the practice before the main Indy 500 race. Here, the team usually works on their setups as opposed in the qualifying days.

The setups include the adjustments, or balance of fuel/air in the, you where the name comes from

Snake Pit

The snake pit is another special moment of Indy is a day that is marked with coolers packed with alcohol, and decorated outfits.

In the old days, there were even fights and drinking competition. In current situation, there have been restrictions to such activities that resulted into fights.

Last note

While you are getting ready to watch the Indy 500 live, the above four special moments about this event is something that you should not miss. These days will make your memorial weekend memorable.

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