Who will win PGA CHAMPIONSHIP 2019?

The PGA championship is around the corner. In fact, it is some few days ahead and many fans are now losing their patience and eager of knowing who will win the PGA championship.

While it remains a riddle, we try to analyze and predict who can be on top of everything.

Here, we set our boat sailing.


Tiger Woods has the highest winning chances

Tiger Woods, who has just confirmed his accessibility at the PGA Championship half a month ago, comes back with a huge chance of winning. It is no uncertainty that each and every one of his followers has the confidence that he can defeat everyone in the challenge.

To the extent that we think about it and contradict what this novelist has achieved since his youth, it has nothing to do with such expectations. So it will not astonish either us or his fans if he wins the championship.

Dustin Johnson is another candidate

Dustin Johnson is a challenge and a possibility to come above Tiger Woods. He ventures out of the 2019 Masters tournament with T2 record. If Tiger Woods loses then, it can be to Dustin Johnson.

We should not neglect Rickie Fowler

Both Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods will face a challenge from Rickie Fowler, who races the T40 and T47 on the black course from the Arnold Palmer Welcome Contest and the conscious title of the player.

Last note

This is just a forecast, and the real activities and results will be from May 16. As a fan that has to follow everything, just look for ways to PGA Championship free streaming and be on the radar like any other fan around the globe.

By the 19th of May, we will have known the winner or the second runner up.

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