What TV Channel is carrying the US Open Golf?

While fans from the USA, Canada, and the UK will be able to follow the tournament live on their TVs, fans from overseas will make do with other platforms and streaming sites that will cover the tournament.

TV Channel is carrying the US Open Golf

US Open Championship Official Broadcasters

Fox and FS1 have been the official broadcasters for the last five years. From them, you are free to watch US Open Golf live. For those with access to these broadcasters, you will follow the action right from the last stroke to the final celebrations.

Fox Sports is the official American Broadcaster channel. United States golf lover people can watch live game on Fox Sports. US Open fan can also download the Fox Sports app to live stream from anywhere.

CBS all access commercial fees only $5.99/month. Canadian fans can watch US Open Golf by following CBS and that includes Access.ca Chromecast and on iOS and Apple TV as well as Android devices.

Sky Sports also offering live streaming golf game, UK fans can watch us open golf live coverage via Sky Sports Golf channel.

BBC TV subscribers can also watch Golf  highlights via BBC Sports .

US Open championship can also be followed by various radio stations across the US and UK and also from internet radios like ESPN radio, SiriusXM, BBC Radio live. XM channel operates on number 92 and Sirius channel 208.

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