How to watch Patriots game on direct TV

Watching the New England Patriots game on DirectTV is easy to do. If you have a paid cable subscription, you’ll be able to watch the Patriots play mostly every game. If you are going to miss a game due to it not being an in-market game, you can always watch Patriots football streaming online. As far as Direct TV goes, here are your options.

watch Patriots on direct TV

As most people know, DirecTV and AT & T took the NDL Network off of their cable services. However, they have a new edition, to Sundays that they are replacing it with. It’s called the NFL Sunday ticket max. This option is available until April of the season and many customers are trying it out for the first time as a free promotion. Otherwise, it is about $62 per month added to your bill.

One reason the NFL and DirecTV took the NFL network off was to allow others to have rights to the NFL streaming platforms too. The NFL Network and Red Zone are still available to the fans, but they want to manage how much they cost and there was not anything that the NFL and DirecTV could agree on with the services remaining with the provider.

The NFL Network is still included in the chosen package and higher. The Red Zone channel is included in the NFL Sunday ticket max subscription. That alone costs $395.94 for the whole season.

Not having the NFL Network does not mean all hope is lost though. DirecTV still offers the NFL Sunday Ticket and you can watch up to eight live games on one channel. You get game-day scores, stats, highlights, and more. You can also skip the commercials and watch replays of the whole game in less than 30 minutes on Mon-Wed on the Sunday Ticket app.


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