Kentucky Derby Contenders, date, time

Do you like horse racing? Do you want to contest in horse racing? Whether you are a fan or a horse racer, there is Kentucky Derby 2020 of which its preparation is now in top rigging. This year’s edition, which is expected in a few months, is the 146th time that the event is now taking place. The race is that of horses, and in a few months, the road heading to the venue would be busy.

The 146th edition of this event has been set to take place at Churchill Downs and will take place on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020. It is one of the most famous events in Kentucky and during this time fans from all over the world would consistently show that it is part of this horse race.

The race comes after a series of preseason and championship qualification races from which up to 380 horses were appointed but only up to 20 has been called for the final.

Among the qualified horses, here are the top five contenders;

  1. The first top horse is the Denis moment trained by D. Romans
  2. The second top horse has stormed the court trained by P-Eurton
  3. The third horse is Tiz the law-trained by B.tag
  4. The fourth hose is hall constitution trained by J-Ortiz
  5. The horse that closes our list is palace malice trained by J-Ortiz

This is a must watch 2 minutes’ horse racing event. Importantly, regardless of whether you don’t have a chance to reach Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, you currently have the option to watch this event via Kentucky Derby TV streaming. For this reason, numerous individuals no longer have to visit the spot, which would be crowded for this event.

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