How to Watch GAA Matches Live from Everywhere

Are you a fan of GAA matches and out of Ireland? How can you watch every activity in the game? If looking for the free player that can facilitate you to watch the game across a variety of gadgets from anywhere, then you are at the right place, and this article Is for you. We are going to show you how you can enjoy the game by streaming RTE and RTE programs from anywhere up to 21 days and more free.

watch GAA live online

While GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) fans can also stream the live matches on RTE, to stream the Saturday and Sunday Game outside Ireland is not straightforward and needs some twist to be able.

Is it possible to watch GAA live online outside Ireland?

Yes, it is possible. However, you require an IP address. Based on the IP address you have, you will be able to watch different TV shows on RTE. With an IP address, GAA fans can also watch the live matches wherever they are outside Ireland. With the pay per visit partnership between RTE sport and GAA; GAA GO (Live on Demand) which is the official streaming service, you can watch Gaelic Games outside Ireland.

While in Ireland, you don’t have to pay GAA GO to watch GAA matches. You only need access to Irish internet and then stream the game free.

So here is how you can stream GAA matches Using RTE player from outside Ireland and from anywhere.

IP address

First, you have to acquire an Irish IP address. But on the event that you need to watch the Game on your iPad, Mac or PC, then look for an Irish Proxy or VPN. You can acquire them at the cost of 5 – 10 $ per month.
After you have acquired an Irish IP address, then you will be able to stream on RTE player, free of cost. You will also be able to watch RTE one and RTE two Live free.

Media supported streaming devices

You can also watch GAA live online using supported media streaming gadgets. For example, to watch the game on your Xbox or Samsung Smart TV, you are required to have an Irish pre-configured VPN router and can cost you up to $15

Last note

Watching GAA game outside Ireland should not be stress. With the above two methods, you will be able to enjoy your favorite competition free from anywhere. Enjoy your favorite match.